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Your headshots matter... a lot

As an actor you know that all of your talents, training, skills, and enthusiasm will only help you get work if you are seen by the right people. Often, those right people only have your headshot to go by. That is why investing in great headshots is one of the wisest career choices you can make.

Take it from someone who knows

Before I discovered my passion for photography I studied and eventually worked as a professional actor, I had representation in 3 major cities across Canada and landed roles with the Second City, The Comedy Network, and as a voice actor on numerous radio commercials and video games. I've had my share of headshots, both good and bad and I took the time to study what makes a great headshot.

How to get a great headshot

Much like acting, producing a great headshot is an artistic, collaborative process. I don't limit my headshot sessions to a specific number of shots, or "looks" or minutes. I take the time to understand what your career goals are through an initial phone consultation and then, when we meet, I make sure we take the time to do it right and get a result that will truly help you meet those goals. In a great headshot, the actor's personality and emotion shines through. There is an approachability, a sense of mystery and a sense of fun. Those qualities are not achieved through lighting and camera techniques. They happen because the photographer is able to develop a genuine rapport with their subject, put them at ease and bring out their best. This is what my headshots are all about. I genuinely like people, I love getting know them and making them smile. When I shoot you, we will have a blast and get a great result. I promise.

How to keep the focus on you

Our headshots will be done in studio on a plain white or grey background to ensure that the focus stays entirely on you. No distracting backgrounds should get in the way of the message you're trying to convey. They'll be printed in rich beautiful colour on 8 x 10 high quality, lustre finish photo paper with a thin black border and your name at the bottom right. Optionally, your agents logo can be included at the bottom left. I use a high end photo lab that caters exclusively to professional photographers and guarantees consistent, sharp, colour-perfect results and my equipment is specifically calibrated to match their printers. This ensures that no one will ever be distracted by the quality of the print.

What you should wear

The most important thing about the clothes you wear during our session is that you love them. Bring clothes that make you feel good about yourself. When you're comfortable and happy with the way your clothes make you look and feel, it comes across in the shot. Try to avoid busy or distracting patterns, solid whites or solid blacks. We'll talk more about this in our initial phone consultation.

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